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Update from Dr. Kelly

Posted Date: 09/03/2021

Update from Dr. Kelly

September 2, 2021


Cardinal Community,                                                                                                                                                        


Tomorrow night we host our first varsity football game of the 2021 season against the Tarkington Longhorns. 

If you would like to purchase tickets to all the Cardinal action, you can do so online only, at We are excited to spotlight a multitude of Bridge City Cardinals through various extracurricular activities and anticipate a large crowd! We want to assure those attending that BCISD is continuing to provide extra precautions as it relates to COVID-19. We will have hand sanitizer stations mounted at each ticket booth, near the restrooms, and close to stairs and walkways leading into the bleachers. Our custodians will also be cleaning restrooms frequently throughout the evening. 


BCISD has seen a decline in COVID-19 cases over each of the past 5 school days. These precautions coupled with your help can help our community and students to participate in activities while staying safe.  


If you or someone in your family is not feeling well, please stay home from school and do not attend any school functions. When students and/or adults attend school or school activities while ill, others are exposed and often become ill as well. Our goal is to keep our schools open and continue to have all extracurricular activities. We must work together and remove ourselves when we are sick. We are all in this together! 


As mentioned above, we have seen a decline in our new active cases each of the last five school days. It is important that you know that what our community is currently experiencing is very similar to current trends across our state. In addition, these trends align with what we experienced during the 20-21 school year and the "back to school" spike that occurred last fall. BCISD updates our COVID dashboard daily with new positive cases and moves those that have completed their required quarantine to the recovered cases section. Please visit our dashboard at


I’d like to take this opportunity to address three of our most frequently asked about topics: masks, remote learning, and attendance for credit. 

1) BCISD continues to comply with the Governor’s mask mandate. Masks are optional and everyone (staff, students, guests, spectators) should feel comfortable making the personal decision that works best for them and their family. 

2) Remote learning is no longer funded by the Texas Education Agency. BCISD is currently attempting to hire new staff members to service students through “remote conferencing.” This TEA approved method allows for a finite number of remote days for qualifying students. This will potentially serve as an online option for students with a positive test result for a communicable condition, including COVID-19. Our plan is currently being developed and more details regarding remote conferencing will be provided in the near future. 

3) Compulsory attendance laws are still in effect; however, if students have more than 9 absences in a semester or 18 absences in a school year, an attendance committee will meet and review their absences. When considering a student's attendance, quarantining due to COVID-19 will be excused and not held against the student as long as the school district has received approved documentation.      


Thank you for your continued support of BCISD!      


Warm Regards,


Dr. Mike Kelly, Superintendent