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Board Goals and Procedures

Board Goals and Procedures


The mission of Bridge City Independent School District, an innovative family/community-supported educational system, is to provide a comprehensive well-balanced instructional program in a safe learning environment to ensure the development of caring, responsible, productive graduates capable of contributing in a global society.


Bridge City Independent School District

HB 3 - Board Goals 2020-2021


Board Goal 1: Early Childhood Literacy

The percent of 3rd grade students whose score meets grade level or above on STAAR Reading will increase from 44% to 49% by June 2024.


Board Goal 2: Early Childhood Math

The percent of 3rd grade students whose score meets grade level or above on STAAR Math will increase from 56% to 61% by June 2024.


Board Goal 3: College, Career, or Military Readiness

The percent of graduates that meet the criteria for College, Career, or Military Readiness will increase from 70% to 76% by August 2024.


Board Goal 4: Operations

BCISD will effectively manage all financial resources to ensure that budgets are student centered and reflect support for achievement of stated goals. The district will leverage district resources to continuously improve both the educational facilities and staff benefits throughout the district.


Board Goal 5: Safety

BCISD will maintain updated Emergency Operations Procedures within the Crisis Management Plan with a focus on safety.


Board Operating Procedures

For Board Operating Procedures - Click Here


  • When referring to specific District employees, with the exception of the Superintendent and Board Members, please use the person’s title only, not their name.  
  • Statements made during public comment are the opinions of the speaker and not necessarily those of the Board or District staff.
  • During public comment, please refrain from yelling, using profanity, interrupting other speakers, making personal attacks on District employees, or engaging in other uncivil conduct.
  • Speakers can be held liable for their statements.



Board Public Comment Procedures

Board Public Comment Form

Board Code of Conduct