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Special Education Resources

   Special Education Resources  

Bridge City ISD is in the development phase of providing instruction to students served with special education services through alternative methods, such as online and virtual classrooms.  This page is dedicated towards sharing resources with families to allow students additional support during this time.

Physical Activities Resources

  • Activities to use with early childhood students to facilitate physical activity. Careful consideration of physical capabilities should be taken into account. Shape America
  • General adaptations to physical activities. Careful consideration of physical capabilities should be taken into account. Marathon Kids

Adult Transition Services (ATS)

  • This website provides information and resources to assist families so that they can support their child's transition process. On this site you will find further resources on self-determination, education/training, employment, and independent living. Texas Transition
  • National Technical Assistance Center on Transition provides information and resources for Transition Planning, Graduation and Post School Success. National Technical Assistance Center
  • This website provides information and resources on transition and other special education topics to educators and families of students from early childhood through 18+. Garrett Center
  • This website is a national center dedicated to improving education outcomes for all children especially those with disabilities birth through 18+, through the use of effective evidence based practices. Parents can access the modules that cover various topics from behavior to transition. Iris Center

Autism Strategies/Training Resources

  • Visual Schedule for Home- Visual Schedule
  • AIM provides training in a variety of strategies and interventions targeted for students on the Autism Spectrum. - Autism Modules

Behavior Support Resources

  • Library of Visual Supports to support appropriate behavior- Autism Circuit
  • Parenting tools for various behaviors- Parenting Tools
  • Library of resources: Tips and tools, games, and songs to support behavior-Do 2 Learn
  • IBCCES provides information on Autism Spectrum Disorders and 15 Behavior Strategies for Children on the Autism Spectrum. IBCCES

Deaf/Hard of Hearing Resources

Dyslexia and Reading Resources

  • Reading Bear targets learning letter sounds, provides videos and quizzes- Reading Bear

Early Childhood Special Education (ECSE/PPCD) Resources

Fun Activities to Try at Home

Learning Song Resources

Literacy Supports

  • Simplifies complex text. Useful for Specific Learning Disability (SLD) students with weaknesses in vocabulary comprehension Rewordify
  • offers typing lessons and fun typing games. Set up a free account and track progress Typing Practice
  • Academic activities targeting skills within the PreK-3rd grade level- Star Fall
  • Video instruction for secondary students who need audio and visuals to assist with focus Hippocampus
  • Visual dictionary and thesaurus - Visuwords
  • Lower readability with high interest content for core content areas News ELA
  • Higher level books (chapter books) with print and audio for students with weaknesses in reading comprehension and reading fluency Lit2Go
  • Interventions for all subject areas Intervention Central
  • A picture-dictionary for elementary students with weaknesses in reading Little Explorers English Picture Dictionary
  • Use this site to create, share, publish, and read digital books for students with weaknesses in reading CAST UDL Book Builder
  • Typing lessons and games Typing Club

Math Resources

  • Video instruction for secondary students who need audio and visuals to assist with focus Hippocampus
  • Build skills in math computation and math problem solving Prodigy Math
  • Math resource with easy readable explanations. Scaffolded Math supports Mathwords
  • Lower readability with high interest content for core content areas NewsELA
  • Interventions for all subject areas Intervention Central
  • Visual aids, games, cheat sheets for math and science (primarily secondary)- Scaffolded Math and Science
  • Blank virtual grid sheets assist students with mathematical notation. Useful for students with Learning Disabilities in Math Calculation or Dysgraphia ModMATH (APP)

Motor Supports

  • Home Activities to Support Fine Motor Development- Fine Motor Development
  • Examples of how to make toys to support your child's sensory development- Sensory Development
  • Gross Motor Activities using Letters- Gross Motor Activities
  • Activities to assist with a variety of motor skills (fine, gross, sensory, writing and executive functioning) Toolbox
  • Online resource for fine motor activities and strategies Miss Mancy
  •  Simple learning activities developed by an Occupational Therapist that assist in the acquisition of motor skills. Motor Skills
  • Activities to use at home to enhance fine and gross motor skills. Therapy Street

Resources for Students with Cognitive Challenges

  • A variety of free resources, including sorting activities, adapted books, folder games, and a variety of printables. Click the "free downloads" tab on the right. Adapted Books 
  • Books Read Aloud- Free Reads 
  • Academic activities targeting skills within the PreK-3rd grade level- Star Fall 

Resources for Students with Multiple Disabilities

Social Skills Supports

Speech Language and Communication

  • Stuttering Foundation resources can be translated into other languages. You can read and download books related to stuttering for free. Stuttering Foundation
  • This site has activities that promote language development, listening skills, following directions, and building expressive vocabulary. Preschool Express
  • Speech and articulation worksheets are free to download. All consonant sounds are provided at the word, sentence, and story level. Mommy Speech
  • This site provides learning games for preschool and elementary school age students. Vocabulary games include synonyms, antonyms, compound words, analogies, idioms, and parts of speech. Learning Games
  • The site is divided by grade level. Activities are provided  to develop vocabulary, comprehension questions, and following directions. Read along videos/books are provided at lower grades with text-to-speech option provided for upper grade levels.  Learn at Home


Articulation games galore!


Articulation games with pictures


Even more fun articulation games!

  • Another QUIA game webpage with lots of articulation games to play.  If you scroll to the bottom you can also find grammar and vocabulary games to play.   Great for language skill practice.


Phonological and Phonemic Awareness Games


Language games galore!

  • Great games to play while working on language skills.