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   A-F Accountability Rating 


In 1983, HB 72 created state curriculum standards, a state assessment system and a state accountability system for public schools.  The original intent was to insure all students were achieving basic skills in reading and math. The original intent has evolved into a current system that is rating and ranking students and schools based on college readiness/advanced standards measured by the state assessment STAAR.  Neither higher education nor the workforce consider the STAAR assessments as a valid indicator for post-secondary success. Click Here for additional information.

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  TX Academic Performance 

  Reports (TAPR)  

Texas Academic Performance Reports (TAPR)

The 2022-23 Accountability Summary report provides state accountability ratings issued to the district and campuses based on student performance on the state assessment, State of Texas Assessment of Academic Readiness (STAAR).  To view a complete summary of the Accountability Rating System for Texas Public Schools and Districts please visit by clicking here.

Rest assured that the staff of BCISD is committed to plan for and deliver the instruction of the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) to our students.  It is our goal that each child will have the opportunity to learn and grow significantly each year so that they can upon graduation be prepared to enter the workforce, college or career preparatory program with the knowledge and skills needed to be successful. That is the Cardinal Way!

Thank you for your continued support of BCISD!

Please use the following links to view the TAPR documents for the district and each campus.
BCISD 22-23 TAPR | BCHS 22-23 TAPR | BCMS 22-23 TAPR | BCI 22-23 TAPR | BCE 22-23 TAPR

TAPR Glossary | PowerPoint-Hearing

  Accreditation Status  

TEA accredits public schools in Texas at the district level for grades K-12. Accreditation statuses awarded:  Accredited, Accredited-Warned, Accredited-Probation, and Not Accredited-Revoked

Bridge City ISD:  2022-23 Accreditation:  ACCREDITED

  PEIMS Financial Standards  

To View the PEIMS Financial Standards Reports go to:  TEA PEIMS (Search for Bridge City ISD)

2022 FIRST Rating – A Superior Achievement

  Report – High School 


To access and review the most recent data reports available for High School Graduates Enrollment and Academic Performance in Texas Public Higher Education on the Texas Higher Education Data Site, click here

  Accountability Summary  

Please use the following links to view BCISD’s accountability summary for the 2022 school year. BCISD's 2022 A-F Rating is an overall B

District and Campus Accountability Summaries can be found here

  School Report Card  

TEA has released the 2021-2022 school report cards for BCISD. 

SRC Report Card Definitions - English | Spanish
BCE Report Card BCI Report Card | BCMS Report Card BCHS Report Card

  Federal Report Card  

The purpose of the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001 is to ensure that all children have a fair, equal and significant opportunity to obtain a high-quality education and reach, at a minimum, proficiency in challenging State academic achievement standards and state academic assessments.

The Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA) was first passed by Congress in 1965 as part of President Lyndon B. Johnson’s War on Poverty. The most recent reauthorization of this legislation is the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001 (NCLB). The primary function of NCLB is to close the achievement gap between groups of students by requiring greater accountability and offering increased flexibility and choice. The NCLB Act affects almost every school district and charter school in the state.

The Division of NCLB Program Coordination at TEA is responsible for the state-level administration and implementation of federal education programs under the No Child Left Behind Act and the Ed-Flex Partnership program.

NCLB Report Cards

Section 1111(h)(2) of the No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB) requires each local education agency (LEA) that receives Title I, Part A funding to disseminate specific LEA and campus level data to 1) all LEA campuses, 2) parents of all enrolled students, and 3) make the information widely available through public means such as posting on the internet, distribution to the media, or distribution through public agencies.

The Agency has developed the Texas NCLB Report Card, an internet-based system to generate the campus, LEA, and state-level reports that meet the specific federal reporting requirement.

BCISD 22-23 Federal Report Card | BCHS 22-23 Federal Report Card | BCMS 22-23 Federal Report Card | BCI 22-23 Federal Report Card | BCE 22-23 Federal Report Card