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Instructional Mission

The mission of Bridge City Independent School District, a progressive, family & community-supported educational system, is to provide a comprehensive well-balanced instructional program in a safe learning environment to ensure the development of caring, responsible, productive graduates capable of contributing in a global society.

So that BCISD staff can ensure that we achieve our mission and achieve the goal of THE BEST in TEXAS we must have a curriculum that meets the needs of all of our students. The state of Texas provides districts with curriculum standards called the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS). These standards provide teachers with student expectation statements: what a student should know and be able to do after participating in a learning experience that is rigorous and engaging to the student.

Because the TEKS are a set of standards and statements BCISD has adopted a curriculum document that provides the teacher with a scope (how much depth and complexity) and a sequence (when to teach it- order) called TEKS Resource System. According to the TEKS Resource System website, "At the heart of the TEKS Resource System process is a guaranteed and viable curriculum." 

Curriculum area experts ensure through a process of continual review. The key components of the TEKS Resource System curriculum are: 
• A K-12 systemic model in the four core content areas 
• Common language, structure, and process for curriculum delivery 
• Innovative Technology 
• Aligned written, taught, and tested curriculum 
• Clarified and specified TEKS/STAAR expectations assembled in a vertical alignment format 
• Customizable instructional plans that allow district resources to be integrated into the system