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Superintendent's Office

Welcome to Bridge City ISD

Home of the Cardinals!


Dear Parents and Community Members:

It is my honor and privilege to serve as the Superintendent for Bridge City ISD. Our District is home to over 3,000 students and is comprised of Bridge City Elementary School (PK-2), Bridge City Intermediate School (3-5), Bridge City Middle School (6-8) and Bridge City High School (9-12). 

I am proud to share with you that as a result of their dedication and focus towards excellence for our school district the Bridge City ISD Board of Trustees is named as the 2019-2020 Texas Educational Service Center Region 5 Honor Board of the Year!      

As a school district, we believe it is important to set strategic goals to focus our actions for continuous improvement. The Bridge City ISD Board of Trustees analyzes our six (6) district goals each June to ensure alignment to the needs of our students, staff, and community. Our 2020 District Goals are as follows:

Goal 1: BCISD will ensure college and career readiness by emphasizing rigorous classroom instruction for college-bound students and relevant career and technical education opportunities. Our students will be prepared for college, technical training, the military, or immediate entry into the workforce, whichever they choose.

Goal 2:  BCISD students will be provided leadership opportunities to increase civic and community awareness and responsibilities.

Goal 3: Maximize district efforts to recruit, retain, develop, evaluate and compensate top quality candidates for all district positions.

Goal 4: BCISD will effectively manage all financial resources to ensure that budgets are student centered and reflect support for achievement of stated goals. The district will leverage district resources to continuously improve staff benefits.

Goal 5: BCISD will continue to address and improve the educational facilities throughout the district.

Goal 6: BCISD will maintain updated Emergency Operations Procedures within the Crisis Management Plan with a focus on safety.

Through our collaborative work over the past three years, we have been able to continue our journey of being a premier school district in the region and the state.  We are proud to offer robust opportunities for our students at all of our grade levels   We pride ourselves in working tirelessly to meet the individualized needs of all of our students with the goal of preparing them for college, career, or military service upon graduation from Bridge City High School.

We also continue to explore opportunities to engage our community. Developing community relationships and making connections is vital to the success of our District. Whether or not you have a child attending our schools, we encourage you to take advantage of the many events showcasing our students and their tremendous talents. Art shows, music concerts, and athletic events are just a few ways to become connected with Bridge City Schools. Visit our District’s web site ( for the most current event calendar.

One of the most important initiatives in Bridge City ISD is to build and strengthen a collaborative atmosphere that is dedicated to working in the best interest of our students. It takes more than our teachers, support staff, and administrators to accomplish this - we need you as a partner for our District to continue the work in reaching our shared goal of excellence for our students and community.


Todd Lintzen, Superintendent

Todd Lintzen

Mr. Todd Lintzen, Superintendent

1031 W. Roundbunch Rd.
Bridge City, Texas 77611
Phone: (409) 735-1502
Fax: (409) 735-1512

Administrative Assistant

Marzena Fusilier