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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Compensation (Benefits, Payroll, Service Records, etc.), Eduphoria, Excess, New Hires, Resignations, Substitutes, Transcripts, Transfers & T-TESS

Compensation (Benefits, Payroll, Service Records, etc.)

Q:  Where can I find information regarding the Hiring Schedule and Pay Ranges?

       A:  Please contact Brittany Ernst at or at 409-735-1528.

Q:  What is my teacher salary going to be? 

       A:  The approved compensation plans can be found here.  You salary will be based on your service records.  (Refer to the Service Records questions for more information.)  The Board of  Trustees approve the district budget and new compensation plans during the summer months.  

Q:  When I will I be paid as a new teacher to BCISD?

       A: Teachers are paid on the 25th of every month.  Teachers that start before the school year will receive their first paycheck on August 25th.  Teachers that fulfill their contract for the school year will receive their last paycheck on August 25th following the last day of school.

Q:  When are my benefits effective?

       A:  Benefits are effective the first day of the month after you start working or become TRS eligible. 

​Q:  Who do I contact if I have questions about benefits?

       A:  Please contact Michelle Lyons at or at 409-735-1531.

Q:  Who do I contact if I have questions about payroll?

       A:   Please contact Brittany Ernst at or at 409-735-1528.

Q:  Will someone in Human Resources contact my previous district(s), on my behalf, for my service records?

       A:  No, it is your responsibility to contact your previous district(s) to either send us your service record, or for you to send them a form to fill out for your experience.

Q: How can I send my service records to you?

       A:  Please contact Randi Sticker at or at 409-735-1521.

Q:  I am resigning. How do I request my service record?

       A:  Please contact Randi Sticker at or at 409-735-1521.

Q:  I have other questions regarding service records.  Who can I contact?

       A:  Please contact Brittany Ernst at or at 409-735-1528.


Q: As a professional (teacher, administrator, counselor, diagnostician, etc.) that is under contract, when can I resign?

       A: Under Texas Education Agency Administrative Chapter 21 code, you can resign 45 days prior to the first day of instruction for the upcoming school year without question. After this period, you can offer a resignation, but it must be approved by your Principal and the Superintendent.  You will be subject to sanctions if your resignation is not accepted and you do not honor your contract.

Q: As a paraprofessional, auxiliary or technical employee when can I resign?

       A: Since you are not under contract, you can resign at any time. It is customary to offer a two weeks' notice to your supervisor prior to leaving your job.

Q: How do I resign?

       A:  An employee would author a signed letter of resignation to the Superintendent and submit it to their Organizational Manager. 

Q: How will I receive my final pay check?

       A: You will receive your final paycheck in the same manner that you have been receiving them in the past.

Q: What happens after I resign?

       A: You will receive a confirmation that your resignation has been accepted with the effective date. 

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