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Financial Information

 Manuals                                                                                Texas Municipal Report

21-22 BCISD State and Federal Grants Manual                                        Texas Municipal Report Appendix 10/2022                      21-22 BCISD Fiscal Manual                                                                            Texas Municipal Report 10/2022

Budget Codes

Common Budget Codes

Proposed Budget

Click on the link below to access the proposed budget for Bridge City ISD.

Proposed Budget for 2022-2023

Proposed Budget for 2021-2022

Proposed Budget for 2020-2021

Proposed Budget for 2019-2020

Proposed Budget for 2018-2019

Adopted Budgets

Click on the links below to access the yearly budgets for Bridge City ISD.

Adopted 2022-2023 Budget

Adopted 2021-2022 Budget

Adopted 2020-2021 Budget

Adopted 2019-2020 Budget

Adopted 2018-2019 Budget

Adopted 2017-2018 Budget

Adopted 2016-2017 Budget

Adopted 2015-2016 Budget

The Bridge City Independent School District adopted the budget and tax rate for 2022-2023 on August 15, 2022. The tax rates of $0.8656 for M&O and $.1920 for I&S.

Annual Financial Audit                                                                   First Rating 

Bridge City ISD 2021-2022 Approved Audit                                                     2022 First Rating Prelim                                                  

Bridge City ISD 2020-2021 Approved Audit                                                     

Bridge City ISD 2019-2020 Approved Audit

Bridge City ISD 2018-2019 Approved Audit

Bridge City ISD 2017-2018 Approved Audit

Bridge City ISD 2016-2017 Approved Audit