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Food Service Information

Posted Date: 07/24/2023

Food Service Information

Dear Parents/Guardians,


Welcome to the 2023 -2024 school year!  Our cafeteria staff is eager and ready to serve your child. 


As we begin this new school year, I want to share some important information from our Food Service Department:

Breakfast and lunch are served every school day - The cafeteria staff serves a healthy breakfast and lunch daily following State and National guidelines. As part of the National School Breakfast and Lunch Program we are obligated to follow all regulations as set forth by law known as  the Healthy Hunger Free Kids Act. The law stipulates the serving sizes, calories and nutritional guidelines and pertains to all food offered for sale during the school day.  

Meal Prices - Our meal prices for the 2023-2024 school year are as follows:

Breakfast is $1.75 at all campuses.  Second breakfast trays are $2.25

Lunch is $2.60 for Intermediate and Elementary

    $2.85 for Middle School

    $3.25 for High School

Second lunch trays for all campuses are $3.75

    For households that qualify for reduced-priced meals the prices are $0.30 for Breakfast and $0.40 for Lunch.


Meal Applications for free/reduced-price meals – We are accepting meal applications for the 23-24 school year.  All households who feel that they may qualify for free or reduced-price meal benefits are encouraged to apply.  Households may apply online for these benefits at or the QR code below.  For those who do not wish to apply online, paper applications are available at all school campuses and at the Food Service Department at 1031 W. Roundbunch Rd.    Please note that you must pay for your child’s meals or send a meal from home until the application is processed. Note that an incomplete application cannot be processed.  If help is needed to complete the application, a processor at the Food Service Department is available to help you.


Prepayment for meals - We strongly encourage parents or guardians to pay weekly or monthly for their child’s breakfast/lunch.  Payments are accepted by each cashier before school in the cafeteria or when a student purchases a meal.  Parents/guardians may make deposits on their child’s meal account through ‘Lunch Money Now’ at or the QR code below.

BCISD Meal Charge Policy  - Limited charging of reimbursable meals is allowed.  Extras are not be allowed to be charged.  Alternate meals will be provided to students with charges over the limit.   Parents will be contacted throughout the school year as needed concerning their student’s charges.


Please feel free to contact our office if you have any questions, concerns or suggestions. We look forward to serving your child this school year.    Again, welcome back and have a great year!



Maggie Joubert



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